Bartolini's Gourmet Farmer's Soup Mix

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Bartolini's Gourmet Farmers Soup Mix is a shining example of the agricultural tradition within the Bartolini family. Their natural and genuine products are of exceptional quality. First, the characteristic lentils, small in size and with different color taints, are soft in taste and immediately ready for cooking - no soaking needed. Then we come to the spelt, a staple in the cereal family, rich in nutrients, perfectly digestible, and endlessly versatile. For those that love delicate, balanced flavors, pearl-type barley is a wonderul substitute for rice. Finally, there are chickpeas and cicerculate (chickpea variant), the formerbeing well-known, while the latter have become rather archaic. All ingredients come together to make a soup that hearty, healthy and full of flavor.

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