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Biolea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is extraordinarily flavorful oil, recommended by Food & Wine Magazine as one of its Top Five & Specialty Foods of 2007. This PDO certified, stone-ground organic extra virgin olive oil produced using arid agriculture is made from the famous Koroneiki olive, and farmed without fertilizer, pesticides, or irrigation. The crop yield is small, but the result is an entirely natural olive with concentrated flavor and unsurpassed quality. Biolea uses traditional methods to stone grind and cold press its oil, retaining the nutrients, antioxidants, and aromatics that would be destroyed by modern extraction methods. Each bottle is certified; few organic olive oils can make this claim. The finished Biolea is lighter than typical Greek oils, and it is buttery with a hint of sweetness and just a touch of pepper at the end. Best used as a finishing oil.

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  • 17.60 Ounces

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