Stu's Bloody Mary Concentrate

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At some point, the Bloody Mary was relegated to nothing morethan an overlooked morning drink. It doesn't have to be that way. It's time to stop choking down something that tastes like a vodka spiked version of your grandfather's pureed vitamin drink. There is a better Bloody Mary out there and Stu's Kitchen is bringing it to you. Complex and layered flavors of intense spicy barbeque with enough tangy pickle juice to give the drink a chewier quality. Stu's Sour Pickle Brine is the signature ingredient, which is complimented by a blend of spices creating the best thing to happen to morning since the sun. Which leads to another point, even though it's ideal with Croque-Madame or oysters before noon, this is a Bloody Mary fine enough to be an evening cocktail. Just add one part Stu's to three parts tomato juice of choice. Try it with spirits like white whiskeys, gin, or aquavit.

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