Vinum Chablis Wine Glasses - Set of Two

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  • Professor Claus Riedel recognized that bouquet, taste With the Vinum series, Riedel proves the pleasures of consumand balance of wines are affected by glass finish and ing wine starts with the glass. Developed with the principleshape. Riedel's Vinum series, crafted of machine-blown that the content commands the shape, this lead crystal glaslead crystal, offers a specially designed glass to achieve just the right medium-height bowl and tapered opening full expression of each wine varietal. Vinum to let the fruit and oak of these fine white grapes sing. Chardonnay was created for full-bodied white wines with moderate acidity. Its thin cut and polished rim directs wine to the center of the tongue, enhancing the balance of fruit and acidity. A treasured glass for lovers of Chardonnay and White Burgundy. The preferred

  • Set of 2.00
  • Made in Germany
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