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Wild Jonah Crab Claws 4lb

So named for their extremely hard shells, the claws of the stone crab are a coveted delicacy, with a flavor and texture that is often compared to lobster. Unlike other crabs such as Maine Peekytoe, the Chesapeake Blue Crab, or the Pacific Dungeness, stone crabs are harvested strictly for their claws and not picked for their leg or body meat. But the success of this Fishery relies on the Stone Crabs natural ability to regenerate its claws up to 3 or 4 times in its lifetime.

4 lb

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Stone crabs are cooked immediately upon harvest usually dockside by the fisherman or processor. This prevents the meat from sticking to the shell. They are then sold fresh, or immediately frozen. Because of their sweet tasting, firm meat, stone crab claws need little or no embellishment and are served very simply: cold with drawn butter and lemon, or with cocktail sauces, mayonnaises or vinaigrettes. Their meat can also be picked and use in salads or rolls. When purchasing frozen claws, it is highly recommended to only thaw in refrigeration as abrupt exposure to temperature can greatly diminish their flavor. Individually frozen, they are cooked and ready to serve once thawed.

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