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Five of France's most iconic cheeses together make a gorgeous presentation. Serve with champagne or Beaujolais.

Valencay is a fresh, bright, piquant pyramid of chevre from the Loire Valley.

Fromage d'affino is is an exceptionally creamy, decadent cows milk cheese.

Comte has been crafted high in the Jura Mountains for centuries. Legendary affineur Marcel Petite expertly ages Comt to coax out hints of hazelnuts, toffee, and tropical fruit.

Epoisses: Made since the late 1700's near the town of the same name in Burgundy, poisses de Bourgogne is meltingly soft and unctuous.

Roquefort is rindless and fudgy, with a punchy, spicy-sweet flavor.

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Roquefort Societe Wedges / Comte St. Antoine / Pave D'Affinois / Espossies Germain /

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