Terre Exotique Frost Salt

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  • In the depths of the white Egyptian desert, in a 20 km expanse between the oasis of Bahariya and the city of Qasr el Farafra, a Bedouin and his son tapped into a hidden salt quarry left behind by a 70 million year old sea. The crystalline salt that was collected was named "Frost Salt" due to its ethereal texture similar to frost. With its extraordinary texture, this unique salt enhances your culinary creations to new heights. A very dry salt it melts slowly making it as decorative as it is flavor enhancing. DEAN & DELUCA recommends using this salt with morsels of artisanal foie gras, edging the foie gras with the salt, or rolling homemade caramels in the salt for a finishing touch.

  • 45.00 Grams
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