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Italian Set

Italians exchange baskets of delicacies throughout the year.

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  • Set of 15.00
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Colonna Madarino Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Costa Dei Rosmarini DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Lambrusco Red Wine Vinegar / Carnaroli Rice / Costa Dei Rosmarinin Ligurian Pesto / Ligurian Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Maida Carciofini Piccolissimi Baby Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Cassina Rossa Stuffed Hot Chili Peppers / Ritrovo White Bean Appetizer / Ritrovo Pinoli 100% Italian Pine Nuts / Ritrovo Tuscan Tomato Pieces with Arno Valley Giant Basil / Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries / Sant'Eustachio ground coffee / Amedei Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts bar
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