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Chocolat Moderne uses the finest French Valrhona to craft these Dark Chocolate Bonbons, decorated with Japanese cherry blossoms and vintage kimonos and scented with bright shiso lime--sure to delight.

Five bonbons, 2.5 oz total

Seasonal expedited shipping required

SKU# 372524

  • 2.50 Ounces

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(Coral) Sesame Shichimi / ( Gold) Persimmon Peach / (Gold) Soy Miso / (Blue) Shiso Lime /(Blue) Matcha Green Tea

May contain; dairy, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, corn, wheat, and/or minimal levels of alcohol.

Store in a dry, dark, cool place below 68° Fahrenheit.

This item requires next day shipping to ensure freshness


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