Lobato 50 year Reserve Sherry Vinegar

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  • This exceptional vinegar is produced entirely in Jerez de laFrontera, in Andalusia, Spain. The process through which it is aged is called the "criaderas y soleras" method. This method involves a system of casks (initially used to store wine) stacked in a pyramid. The vinegar passes slowly from the top barrel to the barrel at the bottom of the pyramid, where it is periodically decanted and passed through the middle-layer barrels. This lengthy process gives this vinegar its amber colour, aroma and distinctive taste. Aged for fifty years for an incredibly aromatic, soft and fine, full flavour. An impeccable chestnut brown color indicates the quality aging has given this vinegar and hints at the amazing flavour within. Only a small amount is needed to transform your recipe, Lobato 50 year Reserve Sherry Vinegar is a premium vinegar that adds quality to any kitchen.

  • 8.80 Ounces
  • Made in Spain
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