Bartolini Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The Emilio Bartolini family have been producing olive oil since 1850. This cold pressed Bartolini Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from hand-picked olives cultivated in Umbria using traditional methods. It further guarantees that the entire process - from upkeep of the olive groves, to the quantity of olives that can be obtainedfrom each plant, to hand picking when the olives are perfectly ripe, and to the traditional pressing methods - iscarried out and controlled in order to reflect the very finest of Umbria's oil-making cultura and knowledge. The oil's golden-green color, its clear olive aroma, the intensefruity olive taste that creates a pleasantly biting sensation of freshly-pressed olives that becomes more balanced as it matures, characteristics that will be appreciated by by anyone who tastes this Umbria D.O.P. EVOO.

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