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Prince Street is the new monthly variety show by, for and about people who love food. With celebrity profiles, chef interviews, field reports, cooking and comedy, our team of award-winning journalists, actors and writers explore the ever-changing world of what we eat, what we cook, and the surprising ways food is life.


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Episode 13 Identity

Does what you eat—and cook—reveal the real you? New York Times columnist Frank Bruni talks about how politicians use food to manipulate you and why co-writing his new book A Meatloaf in Every Oven was therapy for him. In Barbara Lynch's new memoir, Out of Line, Boston's most celebrated chef confesses that the worst days of her life led to her best, as she cooked her way out of a tough Southie childhood. Food reflects Camille Becerra's passion for healing and beauty, at her hot new Manhattan restaurant, De Maria. Plus Alex Guarnaschelli's fear of lobsters, Giorgio DeLuca's new favorite dining destination, mousseron mushrooms, Chuck Schumer's meatloaf, how to cook with sumac—and our most moving Madeleine Moment yet.

  • Frank Bruni
  • Camille Becerra & Giorgio DeLuca
  • Barbara Lynch with Alex Guarnaschelli
  • Barbara Lynch's Madeleine Moment

Episode 12 Cleanup

Dan Barber, in London, makes food waste the new black. How April Bloomfield turned her fear of the hamburger into gold. Tasmanian journalist Craig Leeson wants to shock you—to save the earth with his film, A Plastic Ocean. From upstate New York, a Brazilian-American man has started a shrimp revolution. And Gillian Jacobs, star of Netflix's Love, calls us from Los Angeles with her Madeleine Moment (spoiler alert: sprouts are involved).

  • Dan Barber
  • Plastic Ocean

Live From Prince: Martha Stewart

Caviar with oligarchs, pot brownies with Snoop, baking with spelt and anesthetizing a chicken before slaughter: welcome to the world of Martha Stewart. LIVE FROM PRINCE STREET, our new podcast spinoff, features the kinds of interviews that deserve a show all to themselves. The first one brings together Martha Stewart, on the occasion of publishing her 88th book, A NEW WAY TO BAKE, and author and journalist Bill Buford, whose own new book, DIRT, about moving his family to France to learn to cook like the French masters comes out later this year.

  • Martha Stewart & Bill Buford
  • Martha Stewart & Bill Buford
  • Vegetables
  • Howie Kahn

Episode 11: Desire

Love or money, chocolate or wine, everything you desire, we're talking about it on this episode of Prince Street. Christina Tosi shares love tips, and cookie tips, with Sierra Tishgart; Isaac Mizrahi and Alex Guarnaschelli discuss pleasure vs. ambition; and Jay McInerney, top sommelier Paul Grieco and Cork Dork author, Bianca Bosker debate their favorite February wines. Plus the power of Ayurvedic truffles with Melanie Dunea, Marco Canora's healing broths, highschoolers with surprising affections and a live performance from Mizrahi's new cabaret act at Café Carlyle.

  • Food & Finance
  • Pie
  • Christina Tosi
  • Paul Grieco & Bianca Bosker

Episode 10: Secrets

Secret recipes, secret crimes, secrets of success --we have them all on this episode, revealed by guests like Scarlett Johansson and Alex Guarnaschelli, and some famous American ghosts, too.

  • Missy Robbins

Episode 9: Holidays

It's a great episode, with quite a few stars in the food world, including Anthony Bourdain, Alex Guarnaschelli and Gail Simmons to name a few. We're very excited, it's a great final episode for the year 2016.

  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Lela Rose & Massimo Bottura
  • Franzen v.s. Buford Part 2
  • Gail Simmons

Episode 8: Community

Love, rivalry and astonishing creativity: these are just a few of the things we heard about when we asked our guests, What does community mean to you?

  • Ole Scheeren
  • Jonathan Gold
  • Food Fight
  • Cosme

Episode 7: Triumph

This month, Prince Street celebrates TRIUMPH with tough and touching stories about hard-won victories.

  • Dan Giusti's Kitchen Brigaid
  • Blue Marble Dreams: Haiti
  • Gaggan Anand and David Gelb
  • John Malkovich's Madeleine Moment

Episode 6: Fullness

Fullness means radically different things to our six guests this month. What does it mean to you?

  • Matthew & Emily owners of Emily
  • Stephanie Danler
  • Yasir Salem
  • Matthew Modine

Episode 5: Anxiety

We’re keeping it real this month on Prince Street with a show about anxiety. We understand—it’s summer, time for ice cream and the beach. But we also know that nerves are not seasonal, especially when it comes to... food.

  • Phil Rosenthal
  • Jay McInerney
  • Kat Kinsman
  • Phil Rosenthal

Episode 4: Rule Breaking

Rule breakers are the focus this July on Prince Street, those who use food to push boundaries and change culture.

  • take root
  • Katz's Deli
  • Bun Lai's Pray
  • Scarlett Johansson

Episode 3: Craving

Craving is the topic this month on Prince Street. A professional line-waiter explains the psychology of cult-craving.

  • Hawa Hassan
  • Alex Guarnaschelli
  • Mario Batali
  • Prince Street Podcast 3

Episode 2: Risk

On this episode of Prince Street we asked some of the most interesting people in the food world to tell us about a moment in their life when they chose the riskier path.

  • Chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin releases his new memoir
  • Sierra Tishgart launching two print food magazines aimed at gay men
  • Fathom's Pavia Rosati goes to the airport to find out what happens to food smugglers and their confiscated delicacies.
  • Prince Street Podcast 2nd

Episode 1: Preparation

What does it mean to truly be prepared? In this first episode, we get perspective from legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, make pizza with ramen master Ivan Orkin, hop aboard a US Coast Guard cutter with Griffin Dunne and chase down an illusive Italian cooking robot. All that and more!

  • Eden chats with world-renowned ramen expert Ramen Junkie about… PIZZA!
  • Francis Ford Coppola
  • Griffin Dunne hits the NYC waters and fries up some cream-filled donuts with the United States Coast Guard
  • Prince Street Podcast first