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Savannah Bee Acacia Honeycomb

These new acacia honeycombs are beautiful and one of the most sought after honey varieties in the world. Acacia honey sits at the pinnacle of the honey world and is well-loved for its nearly water-white/gold color, mild taste, the incredible clarity and the slow rate of crystallization.

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  • 15.00 Ounces

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The Acacia honeycomb is a single-varietal of honey which canbe described as clean & light in taste, with hints of vanilla. This honey is gathered from the delicate blossoms of the Acacia tree, of which the bloom is very rare and dependent on a variety of climatic conditions, resulting in limited supply, with this particular harvest of Acacia coming from Hungary. The comb itself is entirely edible & nutrient rich, providing essential fatty acids, vitamins andprotective properties. It also contains a good source of Vitamin A which in turn promotes human skin cell development.

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