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Savannah Bee Company Honey for Cheese

Savannah Bee Company Honey for Cheese is 100% hand-selected honey, best paired with a wide array of fine cheeses. Softly sweet honey flavors tame the tang of creamy blue, andbrightly complement a salty Manchego or an aged Gouda. Instantly upgrade any cheese tray, or try with a slice of aged artisan cheddar and sliced apples as an alternative to dessert. For a fantastic lunch treat, try dipping your grilled cheese sandwich in this incredible honey!

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  • 3.00 Ounces
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This honey is comprised of yellow Star Thistle blossoms fromNorthern Michigan, giving it a light and sweet finish that pairs well with salty cheeses like Manchego, or more pungentcheese such as a tangy, creamy bleu cheese. Honey for Cheesefeatures a hint of spice along with an almost tart apple taste, making it the perfect companion for a variety of cheeses. Ingredients: 100% pure honeybee honey, Gluten-Free,KSA certified
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