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Savannah Bee Company Savannah Honey

Savannah is renowned for its stunning variety of incredible flowering plants. The honeybees visit 1.5 million flowers to gather the nectar to make just one jar of honey. This process also allows each jar of Savannah Bee Company Savannah Honey to have its own subtle and complex flavors, each jar representing the beautiful and complex city. Any honey poured by Savannah Bee Company as a specialty varietal honey must have a minimum of 80% pollen count. 100% Raw and Pure.

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  • 12.00 Ounces
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This wildflower honey from the south coast of Georgia is a traditional honey with a mellow, floral taste. Savannah honey is perfect for everyday use, especially when sweetening anything from teas to marinades. We recommend using the Savannah honey as a sweet topping for a savory walnut & goat cheese crostini. Ingredients: 100% pure honeybee honey, Gluten-Free, KSA certified

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