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Benton's Tennessee Country Ham

From Benton's in Madisonville, TN, a hickory-smoked, skin-on, bone-in ham that's been salt cured for 9 months. Extra lean and delicious, this gourmet ham is perfect when traditionally prepared: soaked overnight, then oven roasted and glazed. Simply one of the best-tasting gourmet hams in America.

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  • 16.00 Pounds
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With real country hams such as Benton's, mold is a very common characteristic just as it is with cheese. Just brush, wash, or trim away the mold. It does not damage the ham. This ham can be stored for several months just as it is. After slicing, ham will keep for 2 weeks while refrigerated. We recommend that after slicing the ham either freeze in ziplock bags or place sliced ham in a wide mouth gallon jar and cover completely with cooking oil to seal out air.

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