Tofanelli Family Vineyard

The Tofanelli family is honored to offer you ultra premium Zinfandel and Charbono from the estate vineyard that they’ve been farming on a daily basis since 1929. Extremely limited production (under 900 cases annually) enables them to focus on quality with a hands on approach that reaches from grapevine to bottle.

In the Napa Valley they enjoy a climate that can give their wines incredible concentration (and if they’re not careful, a one dimensional simplicity). Vince Tofanelli’s goal as winemaker is to bring a little restraint to the ‘table’ - to give you wines that not only taste good now but will complement your meals and age gracefully. That being said, their wines show the best of two worlds; the extraction of intense flavors we all love with a layered complexity that speaks of old world influence.