Palmina Wines

Palmina is more than a winery and enoteca. It is a philosophy and it is a passion. It is a strongly held belief that wine is an extension of the plate, a component of a meal and a means to bring people together. Formed by winemaker Steve Clifton in 1995, Palmina is named in honor of Steve’s great friend Paula, who taught him to love cooking, wine and the Italian lifestyle and who was a spark in Steve’s life. After Paula succumbed to breast cancer, Steve found that her given name on her Italian birth certificate was Palmina, and the winery was thus fittingly named. While their wines are definitely based on Italian varieties of grapes, the intended expression of the wines is more focused on the approach and mind set toward wine in Italian culture rather than what percentages of what grapes are used. “And we throw in a little California lifestyle and attitude to round out the wines’ personality and give it a little “left coast” spin.”

Video by Glass World Films