Checkerboard Vineyards

Checkerboard Vineyards is a hillside estate located on the north-eastern slopes of Napa’s Diamond Mountain. The property begins at the valley floor and climbs almost three miles up the mountainside through a series of four protected meadows and deep woodlands, culminating at the crest of Diamond Mountain’s east ridge.  Each meadow has its own vineyard development.  Spring Meadows, 2.5 acres, located well above the valley floor at 600 feet, includes deep soils with north and east exposures.  Coyote Run, 5.5 acres located at 900 feet, is on a south facing rocky ridge with basalt cobble and red clay soils.  Aurora, 12 acres at 1200 feet, includes the knoll top of Coyote Run’s basalt and red clay ridge.  It then sweeps down into its own valley with a unique mixture of volcanic ash and deep gravels.  It is here on the edge of the vineyards that the winery and caves are nestled.  Continuing up the last mile above the winery to the top of the property is Nash Creek, 3.5 acres at 1900 feet.  Always above the cooling fog, Nash Creek’s sedimentary rock soils of decomposed rhyolite all have northern exposure with sunlight from dawn until dusk.