Drinkward Peschon

Friends and wine professionals Lisa Drinkward, vintner of Behrens Family Wines and Francoise Peschon, winemaker of VHR, Vine Hill Ranch and began their project with the 2000 vintage.  Like most great projects, it began with the simple words "..wouldn't it be fun..."  And that's exactly how they’ve approached their venture ever since.

“Our friendship was initiated by our children and grew through love of wine work and play, rarely distinguishing between the three.  With Lisa's keen eye for great vineyard sites, and Francoise’s experience with rolling around barrels, we are the perfect odd couple/partners.   We strive to create the kind of wines that we want to drink - soft, elegant, approachable and always balanced.  We make only one wine - a Cabernet Sauvignon which we call "entre deux meres" - a play on words and wine regions for sure - and for those who remember their high school French, it means "between two mothers".  We are incredibly fortunate to work with a great vineyard site in the northern part of Napa Valley.  We make our wine at Lisa's winery, Behrens Family Wines - a little piece of paradise high atop Spring Mountain, where our families have been able to share in the process of hand-made wines.”