Jelly Jar Wines

Jelly Jar marks a return to early California winemaking, when Italian immigrants crafted food-friendly wines to enjoy around the family table – most often out of jelly jars. Long before Napa Valley became the wine destination we know today, these winemakers planted backyard vineyards and enlisted family members to harvest and crush grapes.

As a fourth-generation winemaker, whose roots run deep in the Napa Valley, Andy Pestoni inherited his ancestors’ love of wine and crafts Jelly Jar with profound understanding. He knows how to enhance the unique character of grapes from single vineyard sites he has hand-chosen. And like the wines from the turn of the century, Jelly Jar is a true family endeavor. Andy and his wife Shannon work together in every aspect of production from start to finish.

Raise a glass of Jelly Jar – delicious, food-friendly, hand-crafted wines to be shared with family and friends.May your glass always be half full!