La Sirena Winery

Founded in 1994, La Sirena is Heidi Barrett's own winery. With over 30 years of winemaking experience, Heidi specializes in beautifully balanced, silky, elegant wines that are purely delicious. La Sirena has Cabernet Sauvignon (similar style and blend she used to make for Screaming Eagle), Barrett Syrah, Pirate TreasuRed (red blend of 7 varieties), Art Bus (proprietary blend) , and a dry Muscat Canelli called Moscato Azul. La Sirena means the mermaid in Italian and Spanish combining Heidi's love of the ocean with the magic of winemaking. Heidi also makes wine for eight other wineries in Napa Valley and is co-winemaker with husband Bo on their new joint venture, Barrett & Barrett.