Larkin Wines

Sean Larkin is undoubtedly the only person born in Inverkeithing Fife, Scotland who owns an emerging Napa Valley wine entity. What's more, Sean took an amazing course of action from his chosen European profession to achieve his long term dream of becoming a wine proprietor in California's most prestigious wine producing area.

Larkin is considered a true bon vivant in local Napa wine circles and even refers to his Cabernet Franc as "the poor man's Chateau Cheval Blanc," in a most respectful reference to the great Bordeaux chateau. In many ways, Sean Larkin is a modern day pioneer in the truest traditions of Napa Valley. He arrived with little more than his energy and dedication and has literally made something really special from the grapes.

Winemaking philosophy: Source good grapes, blend the best wines, and enjoy life.


Video by Glass World Films