LaRue Wines

LaRue. To some a beautiful name, to one woman a pesky given name that she never cared for. Veona LaRue Newell was a very special woman. She was a woman who lived through the Depression with four small children. She was a strong and mindful woman who raised several generations. Some are resilient as her, others only strive to be. She was the great-grandmother of owner and winemaker Katy Wilson. She never let a thing get her down and stayed witty even at 97 years old. She was and continues to be an inspiration.

Veona LaRue never knew why her mother gave her that middle name. No one else had it. That uniqueness may have bothered her, but her uniqueness is what made her so great. She was unlike anyone else. When Katy told her that the wine would be named LaRue, Veona LaRue said, in her classically humble fashion, “Well, I can’t say that you picked the best name in the world...”

Best name or not, LaRue Wines is focused on producing high quality Pinot Noir exclusively from top vineyards on the Sonoma Coast. The wine is an elegant expression of the Sonoma Coast region.