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Happy 2011!

I hope you had a fantastic holiday and enjoyed some good wine to celebrate the new year. It was a bustling December in the Dean & DeLuca wine division and what better way to end the month than host a great holiday party for all the vintners I worked with throughout the year. Set at Press Restaurant, next door to our St. Helena store, we served small bites, No. 209 Gin cocktails and over 125 wines that I included in the 2010 catalogs and store selections.

It was a great turnout considering the weather was terrible with major rain storms throughout the day and the French Laundry holiday party was right before ours. With over 100 vintners and winemakers in attendance, we enjoyed each other's company and wine offerings. While I have the opportunity to taste the gamut of California wines, I didn't fully realize that vintners don't always taste others as much as I do. It was nice to create that atmosphere for vintners as well.

‘Till next time, remember this - drink any and every wine, so long as it’s good! 


Kerrin Laz, Wine Director
Dean & Deluca