Saturday, April 6, 2013 - our new 2013 Wine Gift Sets are ready to go!

In light of all the ways we can market products nowadays; our DEAN & DELUCA catalog is still a vital way for us to showcase new seasonal food and wine, gift sets and housewares. It takes a solid team of many savvy players to create a catalog in tandem with strong relationships with the purveyors we feel provide the best of the best. Heading our food team is Kathryn Flouton, based out of our New York offices and Sherri Doyan and Malissa Nelson, our catalog and ecommerce and catalog directors, based in Wichita, KS. As I head our wine program and am based out in Napa Valley, together, we strive to bring unique and quality-driven gift offerings to the table.


Looking at our finished Mother’s Day catalog it dawned on me that this was a work in progress going back at least five months ago. Between product selections, photo shoots, layout, copywriting, design, fulfillment and edits upon edits, I think this is one of the best catalogs we’ve produced thus far and hope as you stem through the pages, you’ll agree. The products on each page are fantastic and the layout is crisp and flows well.


Wine-wise, this is actually only our third catalog where I’ve created food & wine gift sets in addition to the wine only gift sets with special pricing. It would only make sense for us to make a gift set collection that includes not only artisan wines but incorporates food into the sets as well. You would think we would’ve done this a long time ago but because our food warehouse is in KS and our wine warehouse is in CA on top of the fact that there’s that thing called compliance issues, it took us a little longer to figure out the logistics of all of this.


But I’m happy to say that in partnership with some great wineries, we’re able to bring unique wine gifts that include some really good wine from wineries such as Debiase, Matthiasson, Cade, Larkin, Gentleman Farmer, Couloir, El Molino, Calder, Steltzner, Azur, Mark Herold Wines , Gros Ventre , Cultivar, BonAnno, Schramsberg, Roederer Estate and Y Rousseau.


Enjoy browsing through our new wine gift sets and thank you to all the vintners that worked with me to help create a really great 2013 spring collection.

- Kerrin Laz, Wine Director


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