Friday June 14, 2013 - Guess what's in my glass and win a few bottles for yourself!

Happy Friday! What’s in my glass this week comes from one of my favorite properties in Napa Valley. Yes, the property is phenomenal and yes, every inch of the vineyard is meticulously cared for but it’s what’s in the glass that has impressed me most. Last weekend I brought their 2007 vintage, which was their debut vintage, to dinner. I hadn’t tasted it since their release and I didn’t know for sure what a few years in bottle would do to it. Immediately upon opening, I was very happy and even a little relieved that what I tasted was a Red wine that had really evolved; the layers of forest floor were now intertwined with the dark red fruit notes and clove. The tannins were silkier and the finish was smooth. Back to what’s in my glass - below are the hints and the first one of you to guess will receive two bottles of this! - Kerrin Laz, Wine Director

Hint 1 – This wine was released a few months ago.

Hint 2 – It is a 2009 vintage Cabernet blend.

Hint 3 – The winemaker for this project splits up time between this winery, their own winery and one other winery located in Rutherford.

Hint 4 – This winery is located in Napa Valley.

Hint 5 – They make two different Cabernet blends that are both predominately Cabernet, with one of them being their flagship wine and the other being a younger, more approachable Red due to the inclusion of younger vines. What’s in my glass is the younger, more approachable Red.


brian kulich
United StatesFriday, June 14, 2013 #

dalla valle maya

Kerrin Laz
United StatesFriday, June 14, 2013 #

Brian - great guess but not the right wine.

Rodney Willis
United StatesFriday, June 14, 2013 #

Collina Dalla Valle 2009

Jennifer Bruni
United StatesFriday, June 14, 2013 #

Terlato 2009 Galaxy

Sarah Parker
United StatesFriday, June 14, 2013 #

Checkerboard...Kings Row?

Marci Platt
United StatesFriday, June 14, 2013 #

2009 Checkerboard Vineyards Kings Row

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