Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - Two days of misty June rain in Napa Valley.

Two days of misty June rain in Napa Valley – just what does that do to the grapes? I asked a few of my friends who are also really good winemakers that very question. One of my friends replied back saying that the only potential problem now is powdery mildew. “Unless it stays nice and chilly or gets super-hot, 70 degrees is perfect for mildew”.

Another friend just texted me back in his normal bantering way and said, “Nothing other than high mildew pressure. After the rains, the whole valley will be in a cloud of sulfur. We massaged each vine and told them everything is going to be ok and not to worry. This is the difference of our winery. Seriously though, this weather is normal for 99% of the grape growing world.”

Since there's been very little rain (in total we’re looking at far less than an inch) and the next few days look to be back into the 90s and sunny, I’m pretty confident the winemakers will continue to work their scientific magic and this 2-day blip won’t be an issue. Nonetheless, the valley looks just as beautiful, even in the fog and mist. Below are a few photos I took on my iphone while driving in the valley. - Kerrin Laz, Wine Director

Photo above: view leaving my house in Yountville this morning on my way to work.

Photo above: view looking northwest on my way to Scarecrow Vineyard in Rutherford.

Photo above: view leaving Oakville Grocery in Oakville - looking northeast.

Photo above: view looking directly at the Mayacamas Mountains in Oakville.

Photo above: view looking south down the valley floor from Rutherford.



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