Mustard flowers in full bloom - March 2014

When the mustard flowers didn’t bloom at the end of January or even in the beginning February weeks I started to get nervous. Our lack of rain in the winter months was the culprit behind all of this. The mustard flowers, sure, are beautiful to see but for me, have been an indicator of health and growth in the vineyards. But as soon as we got a few good rainy days, sure enough those beautiful bright yellow flowers began to emerge and my nerves were put to rest. Below are a few photos I’ve taken in the past few weeks in the valley. For more updates on what's happening in wine country, check out our DEAN & DELUCA Wine facebook page. Also follow me on my f&w adventures through instagram. Enjoy! – Kerrin Laz / Wine Director


first sign of mustard flowers - St. Helena - February 19, 2014


view from Yount Mill Road - Yountville - February 26, 2014


view from Scarecrow Vineyard - Rutherford - March 2, 2014


Ramsey in front of Scarecrow Vineyard - Rutherford - March 2, 2014


view from Sulphur Springs Ave - St. Helena - March 12, 2014


in the vineyard looking east - St. Helena - March 13, 2014

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