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Five by Five Tonic Syrup

Medicinal tonic elixirs were used for ages to treat various ailments and deep healing. The gin & tonic was born when British colonials in India preferred ingestion of the elixir with gin and lime. Nowadays, your typical tonic mixers come from chemical extraction and mixed with preservatives and high fructose corn syrup in plastic soda bottles. Five by Five Tonics Co. uses Gentian Root and mildly flavored Saaz Hops to create the first tonic syrup of its kind. All of the botanicals are chosen from the highest quality sources and prepared entirely by hand in small batches. Finally, a tonic deserving of the finest spirits.

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  • 8.00 Ounces
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Love this tonic.


I was recently voted people's choice as best mixologist in our city. Nothing makes me happier than finding a product with as much passion and care as I put into the drinks I love to make. This tonic syrup by five by five is amazing. I love being able to mix to the customers' or my own liking. The flavor is balanced and pairs perfectly with many of the craft gins out there. This is a mainstay on our cocktail menu. Well done five by five.

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