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Mariage Frères French Breakfast Tea Bags

A steaming cup of lovely, fragrant black tea over breakfast is the perfect way to start your day. Who says that the British rule in the tea department? This French breakfast tea is superb and perfect for "tea time" any time of the day, so enjoy a freshly-brewed pot of this tea for quiet morning contemplation or share it with a friend over conversation and brunch.

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Excited to find this tea!


I rarely drink black tea (usually green, white, fruity or floral). I had tasted this French Breakfast tea years ago in a small salon that used to be in our town and when one of our French foreign exchange students gave me a box last year I was over the moon and have been rationing it ever since. It's wonderful to find it here at Dean & Deluca and will be ordering more. I've noticed they also have some of the other Mariage teas I've tasted in the past so will be well stocked soon. I like my tea sweet so usually add some neutral natural sweetener however, I think this tastes quite good without anything. Others have noted adding milk and that does sound like it might be a tasty addition...will try it.


Eugene, OR


Tea Bags Disappointing


Mariage Freres French Breakfast Tea is one of our favorites. For the first time we bought packages of the bagged tea because the loose tea in the tin was no longer offered. This was a mistake. The tea bags lack the aroma and characteristics of the tea from the tin. It maybe an issue of age or packaging. We will not be buying this product again. The good news for us is that we have found a local source for tins of Mariage Freres and they stock the French Breakfast Tea we enjoy so much.




Favorite all time tea


Been drinking this for a few years, it a soothing tea with like having a soothing indulgence without anything heavy.


New York New york


LOVE this tea


I first had this tea at a local French restaurant and I was blown away! It's the smoothest tea I've ever had. I immediately came home and found I can get it for a reasonable shipping fee from Dean and Deluca and was ecstatic! Tastes great with a bit of milk and a cube of sugar, but also fantastic without. Lovely at any time of day! Wish dean and deluca would carry more of their flavors! The mariage freres website has so many I'd love to try. I guess a trip to Paris is in order. :)




I love the tea and will buy again......


love it with steamed milk and vanillia,very elegant


roch. ny


A Delightful Tea


I first tried this tea several years ago when a family member brought it back from Paris. It is one of the best teas I have ever experienced. The flavor is smooth, rich and complex with notes of vanilla, bourbon and maybe a tiny hint of orange. I prefer to steep it for 5 minutes and add a splash of half and half and a very small amount of honey or agave nectar, but it is amazing black as well. I have tried over the years to get this tea in the US and was thrilled to finallyfind it through Dean and DeLuca!


Paducah, KY


Needs to grow on me


I love tea, but black tea. Not a fruity, healthy, or green tea drinker. This was surpising as it was so different. Smooth and rather slight java-like taste. This is the least favorite of the three I purchased, but I believe it will grow on me. I think this is the first time I can say this and really mean it literally...wasn't my cup of tea ;) Not bad, but not for my palate. I will definitely keep giving it a chance.

Tea Totaler

Chesterfield, MO


Quite A Lovely Cup


I was quite surprised when I sampled my first cup of this wonderfully fragrant tea. This is a tea that can be enjoyed any time of the day. The chocolate, malt and hint of spices at the end of each sip made me glad of my purchase. This has become one of my all time favourite teas.

Nocturnal Aesthetic

Memphis, Tennessee


successful purchase




mobile, AL


Delicious Tea


I first tasted this tea in a charming French bistro in Philadelphia called Parc. I enjoyed it so much that when I got home I searched for it on the internet and found it on Dean and DeLuca. I sampled it as soon as the package arrived and it was every bit as good as I remembered it. I especially like it in the afternoon. It is a little sweet so it satisfies my cravings and gives me a lift after work. I don't drink herbal or fruity teas; this is a black tea with a hint of vanilla that is simply delicious.


Islip, NY


Mariage Frères French Breakfast Tea Bags

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