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DEAN & DELUCA Barbeque Rub

Use DEAN & DELUCA's Barbeque Rub as a signature blend-spicy, smoky and sweet-to give steak, brisket, ribs and chicken a jolt of flavor that you wouldn't expect. A staple seasoning for any grilling, indoors or out.

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  • 5.00 Ounces
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Too much paprika and sugar


I bought this at the Dean & Deluca store in Greenwich Village last week (so it was very fresh). I used it as a rub for some pasture-raised lamb chops. The rub was mostly paprika and sugar according to the ingredients list. My family did not like it as the paprika was overpowering, and the sugar gave the meat a cloying flavor.

Dotty Parker

Boston, MA


BBQ Sauces & Rub given as a Gift


I, myself did not use this. I gave it to my Dad as a Father's Day Gift because he fancies himself a "Grill Master."  He appreciated the gift and enjoyed the different regional flavors the sauces provided. He also told me he used the rub on burgers and then smoked them. He said they were fantastic.

Wish I was a "Grill Master"




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