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DEAN & DELUCA's Curry Powder Blend is as versatile as it is complex. Our proprietary Curry Powder adds color and zip to deviled eggs, omelets, potato salad, cream sauces, vegetables or meats.

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  • 3.75 Ounces

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It's definately a keeper!


I don't use "curry" on a regular basis, but when I do I believe your Curry Powder Blend is just the best I have ever used. I have tried others, but can't be without your product.


Boise, ID


satisfies a craving


I fell in love with a curry chicken salad sandwich while away at school and have never been able to find another that I like as much.... until I made my own with this curry powder. It completely satisfies my craving for the best sandwich ever.

k.t. eats

riverside, ca


We love it the way it is.


We like it.


San Diego,CA


Great Curry


This is a great curry not too hot, but nice flavor.

The Cook

West End, NC


love this curry powder


i even like this better than making my own.


baltimore, md

Best Curry Ever!!


My chef sister-in-law gave this Blend to me as a gift years ago and when I couldn't find my tin after we moved, I tried using regular curry powder in my recipies. Just not the same! This tin lasts forever, makes any recipe using curry taste a millon times better and makes me look like a gourmand when I'm really lost in the kitchen unless I'm following a recipe! We love Indian and Middle Eastern foods - thank goodness for Dean and Deluca for this terrific addition to these dishes! Plus it makes a great gift!! Buy several!

Liza Jane

Paradise, CA




It is a perfect blend of spices! I've used it to flavor rice, chiken and vegetables and it adds a bold spice flavor without beeing too hot, and it also adds a beautiful golden color. Simple mix it with your chicken broth and you will have a complete different flavor experience from overseas...the package is beautiful and is a lovely addition to your spice rack...






The first time I ordered this I didn't understand that most all curry powders are a "blend". I use this to add flavor to a good but bland pumpkin soup recipe. It's not a hot curry, but a gentle pleasing flavor. It's a repeater.

Decor Girl

Pepper Pike, OH


Curry Powder Blend


While my original experience cooking with curry had faded in my memory, I did have a wonderful experience in Italy with chicken curry. So, when I came home I went on the hunt for a good recipe. Sadly, I never found one, but what I did find was Dean & Deluca! In Napa, California. I bought the Curry Powder Blend there for the first time 8 years ago and have been buying and using it ever since. (Thank goodness for travels!) Sadly, again, I ran out! *Gasp* there is no store within 1000 miles of me...!! In the mean time I bought another brand, which ended up in the trash. I will never buy or use another curry product other than Dean & Deluca. Always fresh, always delicious. Crisp, nicely blended and delicious! Thank you!


Olympia, WA


Awesome curry!


I've tried many, many curry blends, but D&D's is the tops! It's the only kind I use now in my signature Senegalese soup.

Souper Martha

Baltimore, MD


DEAN & DELUCA Curry Powder Blend

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