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DEAN & DELUCA Fines Herbes

DEAN & DELUCA's Fines Herbes includes chives, tarragon, chervil, and parsley adds a whisper of garden freshness. Fold into cheese omelets, mix into clam or oyster chowders, sprinkle atop broiled tuna. Use as a stuffing for roast chicken or in a quick marinade for trout, catfish or chicken breasts. A mainstay for both white wine vinaigrettes and creamy salad dressing.

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The Best


This is the best Fines Herbes that I have ever tried. Perfect combination and ratio of flavors. I order a couple of tins at a time since I use it so often. Particularly good in omelets. The only issue I have is that the tins can be quite stubborn to open and if not careful, the herbs can spill out all over the place.


San Francisco


Excellent and flavorful Spices


I sometimes get cans that will not open, but customer service is great and will always replace them. This is a beautiful and very impressive to my company and visitors as well as to me. I wasn't sure in the beginning about many of the spices being mixes, but after using them, I love them. All of the mixes seem perfect for what they are for, but also it's fun to use them for things they aren't particularly made for. They still work wonderfully well even then.


Dallas, TX


great product!


After a visit with a gourmet friend in Portland, I requested a receipt for one of her great entrees we enjoyed at her home. Her receipt included "! tsp Fines Herbs". this lady does not make typos--so I googled Fines Herbs! I placed an order, [...] Having always used grocery store herbs and spices, I simply DID NOT know how herbs could impact a receipt!! how flavorful--fresh--powerful!! I'm a believer.


Indianapolis IN


Dean & Deluca's


I LOVE this product! I use it to make herb butter and mix into soft cheeses. :)[@]


denver, co


so many uses


Use this for everything from marinated mushrooms to cheese toast. Love this herb combo.

love the kitchen

Winter Garden, FL


Light and Heat are the enemy of spices


I love Dean and DeLuca spices! The tins are fabulous for protecting the herbs from light and heat which in my opinion, leach out flavor and quality. A recent trip to the grocery store and a glance at the prices sent me home and straight to Dean and Deluca for top quality spices at excellent prices. What more could I say. I am sold, I've been using them for years and will continue for as long as you make them.


Santa Fe NM


DEAN & DELUCA Fines Herbes

4.7 6