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DEAN & DELUCA Herbs For Meat

DEAN & DELUCA's Herbs for Meat is a hearty blend of thyme, savory, rosemary and marjoram that compliments beef, pork or game. Mix into meatloaf, sausage and hamburger patties; sprinkle onto grilled flank steak or pork chops; stuff into rolled roasts. Adds flavor to herbed Yorkshire pudding, beef gravy, meatballs, and bean and ham hock soup.

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  • 1.40 Ounces
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A Staple in Our Kitchen For Years


Herbs For Meat is our "go-to" mixture for everything beef, pork or lamb. It is also great on burgers and mixes well without being too bold. Everyone loves it and it takes the guesswork out of measuring the right spices. We have used this mixture for at least 8 years and will not stop. We also like Herbs for Poultry along with your Cayenne Pepper and Hungarian Paprika for grilled chicken. Incredible.


Nashville, TN


Recipe for a perfect tenderloin!


Flavors in just the right savory tone - not too much and not too little. Creates a perfect and beautiful crust for grilled meat.

Anne the Grill Queen

Dallas, Texas


great for chicken too!


i love mixing this with garlic and rubbing it on a chicken (under the skin) before i roast it


san diego, ca


Great Blend for Steaks


My husband loves this blend for steaks. We keep it on hand for a quick yet gourmet dinner with just a few steaks, a grill, some homemade garlic bread and steamed veggies. It also makes a great part of a "grill" themed gift for father's day, weddings, housewarmings etc.

Heather the Reader

Columbia, MO


good stuff


good stuff!


syracuse, ny


Super Easy


There is simply no meat that this blend does not improve. No messing with multiple bottles. No proportion guesswork. Just rub it on straight or mix with a little olive oil for a great seasoning rub. A pinch or two really livens up a soup or stew too.

Frentic Foodie

Buffalo NY


DEAN & DELUCA Herbs For Meat

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