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Heritage Shortbread

The recipe for this delicate and delectable butter-rich shortbread is a carefully kept family secret, handed down from mother to daughter for three generations. All we can tell you is that she uses the same pure natural ingredients her Scottish grandmother used—flour, cream butter, fresh milk, sugar and just a pinch of salt, and that she makes every single batch with love.

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  • 4.00 Ounces
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best homemade


I LOVED these cookies! I am always baking shortbread, these are simply delicious! The only downside, it is a small box and should not be shared.


Upstate NY




These cookies are simply exquisite; far superior to supermarket varieties. They are a bit on the expensive side, but they're really meant to be savoured rather than devoured. I'm proud to put these out for parties, if I can manage to keep out of them that long.

Chef Jeff

Austin, TX


Tastey shortbread cookie in a small box


I am so picky about shortbread. I love it, especially with a cup of tea; but everyone's interpretation is so different. This was wonderful original shortbread, not a cookie, but a tiny thick square (very tiny). There were only 8 in the small square box. I was flabergasted at the price for such a small package and quite disappointed. I should have investigated further. Very good flavor and great-looking packaging, but not worth the money. There should be 15 to 20 pieces for the cost. And I like sugar crystals on top, personally, and this didn't fit the bill for me. This family recipe is stingy with its portions!

Tea Totaler

Chesterfield, MO


Heritage Shortbread

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