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Midnight Moon

An award-winning cheese, including the Best In Class award at the World Championship Cheese Contest, this alabaster colored Chevre is aged for a minimum of 6 months; with a dense and smooth texture and a warm nutty flavor with long toffee caramel finish. Midnight Moon by Cypress Grove Chevre pairs well with deep Zinfandel, oak-kissed Chardonnay, Syrah, or any dark medium gravity stout or Trippel Belgian beer.

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  • 16.00 Ounces
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From a cheese lover, not an expert: This is a wonderfully fine cheese Enjoy it with wine. No bread or crackers needed. I love the salty-smooth and slightly pungent flavor. The slightly grainy texture is superb. My guests love it and I indulge in Midnight Moon and a glass of wine on the patio by myself.


Berea, KY


Consistently delicious and versatile


We've served Midnight Moon at many family gatherings and there is never any left over. It pairs well with several varieties of wine such as complex reds or semi-dry whites. We've found that simple whole gain crackers allow this cheese's delicious flavor and texture to stand out. We also serve it with grapes, apricots, or tart apples. A winner served at any occasion.

DC's best wine customer

Washington, DC


Midnight done right


Having eaten both in the morning and at twilight I can say this is a very versatile cheese. I paired this chevre with fruits in the morning, berries and crab apples, and in a smoky salmon dish at night and both were perfect. Like the description says, the caramel and salty nature play well on the palette for both sweet and savory dishes. Honestly a must have for the distinguished cheese-head. No need to be from Wisconsin, this New Yorker approves. DPL

Man with a guitar

Syracuse, NY


Midnight Moon

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