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Galup Candied Sour Cherry And Chocolate Panettone

An Italian delicacy that began in the 15-century, panettone is one of the country's most renowned Christmas sweets. Galup has been putting their gourmet twist on this large, airy, sweet bread since 1922. Their sour cherry and chocolate panettone is dotted with candied sour cherries and dark chocolate and finished with a light hazelnut glaze.

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Soft wheat flour "0" , cherries candied 15% (sour cherries , glucose ,fructose syrup, sucrose , black cherry juice , vegetable concentrate ( black carrot , hibiscus), acidifier : ciitric acid , natura flavouring) , Butter, sugar, Egg yolk from fresh class a eggs , chocolate drops 7%m ( sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter , emuslfier : soya lecithin ), natural yeast ( soft wheat flour tyupe "0", water ), emulsifier : mono and diglycerides of fatty acides , whole fresh milk - invert sugar , cocoa butter, salt , barley maltextract , honey , flavouring . Frosting Ingredients 11% : sugar , white egg of fresh class A egggs - Nocciola PiemonteIGP (Piedmont Hazelnut) 9%, Rice flour, rice starch,

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