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K & M Ultimate Chocolate Bar Gift Set

The ultimate gift for the chocolate-lover, these luxurious chocolate bars from award-winning chef Thomas Keller and prized organic olive oil producer Armando Manni incorporate chocolate derived from organic, single-origin cocoa beans with extra virgin olive oil and seasonal flavors for a smooth, multi-dimensional chocolate bar that captures the holiday spirit. View the Details tab below to see the complete list of components.

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  • Set of 11.00
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This set contains: 1 75% Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate bar / 1 75% Peruvian Dark Chocolate / 1 75% Madacascar Dark Chocolate bar / 1 75% Nicaraguan Dark Chocolate bar / 1 Ecuadorain Dark and Milk Chocolate bar/ 1 Nicaraguan Dark and Milk Chocolate / 1Ecuadorian Milk Chocolate bar / 1 Milk Chocolate Winter Spice bar / 1 Dark Chocolate Peppermint bar / 1 Milk Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs bar

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