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Savannah Bee BEE CAUSE Honey

The Bee Cause Project is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to encourage and educate young people to understand, appreciate, and protect the well-being of the noble honeybee. Installing glass observation honeybee hives in 1,000 schools gives students a window into the honeybee world and a fun learning tool for teachers.

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  • 12.00 Ounces
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: Ted founded the Bee Cause Project in 2013 to inspire understanding, appreciation and protection for the noble honeybee. The goal of this non-profit organization is to educate students, teachers and parents by installing glass education hives in schools as well as creating a honeybee focused curriculum. The Bee Cause projects aims to install 1000 educational hives nationwide. The honey itself is comprised of wildflowers local to the south Georgia region, giving it an earthy flavor great to use as a glaze for roasted carrots with lemon zest & thyme. Ingredients: 100% pure honeybee honey, Gluten-Free, KSA certified

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