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Mariage Frères Marco Polo

This tea is simply too exquisite for early morning when your sensibilities are still fuzzy. Save it for an afternoon break or a lingering post-dinner sip -- anytime when you can slow down and just breathe in its lovely fragrance. Your home will be satisfyingly scented and your palate contented with this aromatic, black tea. Presented in a pretty tin and is ideal for gift giving.

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  • 3.50 Ounces
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One of my favorites


So, so super yummy! If you are considering this tea, give it a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed (unless you do not like black tea with flavors). The smell is delectable right out of the tin. It reminds me of strawberry shortcake as a nice steamy cuppa - so perfect with breakfast or as an afternoon treat. The flavors are strawberry, shortbread I think, a small amount of malt, and cream. I know Marriage Freres says "flowers" but I honestly don't taste flowers (nor do I love floral teas - except for violet iced tea - yum.) I have many teas by Mariage Freres, TWG, and other luxury brand tea distributors, but this one is definitely one of my favorites. Almost a perfect cup.


Denver, CO




This is the most delicious tea I have ever had. I received it as a gift, and I am so grateful to my friend for for this delightful treat.


Dallas TX


Lovely Floral Tea with Carmel Notes


The French have really mastered flavored teas. This tea is reminiscent of flowers with a light caramel note. Very smooth with a light body, I brew 4-5 min and add a bit of honey (no milk). It is just a wonderful surprise and unlike other teas. If you are looking for a light-bodied yet beautifully flavored drink, give this a try.




This tea substitutes for rich dessert!


This is one of the best teas ever. Only high-end shops carry the tea, and it is sometimes hard to find. So glad I was able to purchase at Dean and Delucca.

Cooper's Neena

Stony Brook, NY


Excellent. Will buy again.


Mariage's Marco Polo is a tea that we prefer over nearly all teas. When we have guest and serve it and they are always very impressed. If we know some one who likes tea, we love to give it as a gift. If some one is not a tea drinker Marco Polo will help them have a better attitude about tea.


Georgetown, Texas


Love this tea


I love this tea but it may not be for everyone. If you're not a fan of fruity or floral black teas, this may not be for you. It's very, very smooth - you can definitely taste the quality over cheaper teas.


Seattle, WA


Absolutely the Best Flavoured Black Tea!


French Tea? Absolutely yes. The Marco Polo of Mariage Freres has shattered my preconceptions of French and flavored tea. Tea is my staple drink, and thus I must be somewhat exprienced, if not of connoisseur- in teas. I never knew the French would make such a nice tea. Wrong with Mariage Freres! I would not drink any flavored teas as they remind me of potpourri, particularly with vanilla, a ubiquitously synthetic, unnatural, nausiating flavor. Wrong with Marco Polo of Mariage Freres with such a vanilla flavor seasoned and balanced with a tinge of bergamot! Good teas are usually horrendously expensive. Wrong with Mariage Freres with the price tag of 13 E in an elegant canister or 9 E per 100g in a bag! A generic black tea being elevated by flowerly flavors to the heaven and thus its affordable price-tag is a truly democratic concept, which is in such a contrast with tea snobbery. Viva France et Viva Marco Polo! Caveat: I have tried a few other blends of teas from Mariage Freres. I have, however, yet to be impressed as much as by Marco Polo. My review is not for Mariage Freres in general, but for Marco Polo. For now it is the only one that I wholeheartedly recommend for penny-wise tea drinkers like myself.


London, Ontario, Canada


Great aroma; flat tasting


I wish I had read the reviews closer and realized that most reviewers commented on the aroma; even the site's description mentions the smell twice. Give the devil his due--it does smell great, but there's nothing special about the taste that you can't find in a supermarket tea section. It's certainly not worth the price for such a common-tasting tea.

She who drinks loose tea daily

Philadelphia, Pa


One of my favorites!


A friend turned me on to this tea, and I love it!


cloudcroft, nm


This is the best?


After almost two years of waiting not-so-patiently until the right combination of 'having the money' and 'remembering I want it' came together, I finally bought this tea. I had read plenty of reviews, here and otherwise, that had me so excited. I don't know what everyone else normally drinks that makes them think this artificially flavored, bland, flat-tasting tea (that isn't even whole leaf but tiny flecks that make it past most filters) is the cat's meow, but I'll stick to the high-end Chinese teas I get that don't need added flavoring to make them 'good'.


Denver, CO


Mariage Frères Marco Polo

4.8 39