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Leonardi Balsama Bianco Vinegar

A delicate, authentic Italian balsamic vinegar, Leonardi Balsama Bianco starts from pure Trebbiano grapes, which make more white wine than any other grape in the world. Distilled and reduced over an open flame for over 30 hours, the final product is then quickly bottled and sealed to avoid oxidation and its accompanying discoloration. To ensure exceptional flavor, this vinegar is aged a minimum of four years before being made available for sale. A perfect partner with olive oil for an authentic salad dressing; drizzle in its pure form over antipasto dishes, or use sparingly to enhance steaks, eggs, seafood, pasta, or even fresh fruit gelato.

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  • 3.38 Ounces
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Perfect pairing with olive oil and sea salt for salads


Los Angeles, CA


Leonardi Balsama Bianco Vinegar

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