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Mariage Frères Darjeeling Princeton Tea

Ah! Five o'clock tea. Such a civilized tradition deserves a civilized drink. This tea, an extremely refined and subtle blend of first flush teas from various estates, is of incomparable flavor. Just right for a late afternoon respite. Presented as a loose tea for proper brewing.

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  • 3.50 Ounces
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Strong Flavor


This is a strong tea, without the expected Darjeeling flowery essence. Even when made with 1 tsp brewed 3 minutes it comes out bitter. The can looks great on the counter, but I doubt I'll ever finish the tea inside.


Redwood Shores, CA


too flowery for me


good iced tea. too flowery/fruity for hot tea. overpriced as well.




Perfect milk tea


If I could have only one tea, this would be the one. A pot of Darjeeling Princeton with milk is my preferred way to start each day. I enjoy trying whites, greens, and especially a good oolong for afternoon tea, but nothing can replace the Darjeeling Princeton. I do try other black teas. I like Ceylon or Assam for making a chai. But I never get bored with the layered flavor of Darjeeling Princeton.

the tea lady



My new favorite


A classic Darjeeling. A variety of subtle tastes blended together. You can almost taste a hint of vanilla. Lighter than a breakfast tea, but I prefer it to the heavier varieties on summer mornings. It is the perfect afternoon tea but, honestly, you could drink it all day. I brew for a maximum of 3 minutes (sometimes less) for zero bitterness and drink as is--no need to add anything.


Marblehead, MA


Relief - a place to by Mariage Freres...


Many years ago I had the good fortune to stumble upon a Mariage Freres tea shop in the Marais district in Paris. It was an extrordinary experience to step back in time and enjoy the best tea of my life. It has not been as easy to locate this tea in the U.S., I chose Dean & DeLuca because their customer base is large enough to guarantee very fresh tea every time I purchase it. It is unforgettable tea...try it!

Alice in Wonderland



Mariage Frères Darjeeling Princeton Tea

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