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Mariage Frères Earl Grey Impérial Tea Bags

Nothing approaches the Mariage Frères version of this well-known tea. A gold-lined box holds 30 puffy little muslin tea bags. Slightly smoky and full-bodied, this famous tea is suffused with the aroma of the bergamot orange.

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  • 30.00 Pieces
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The most flavorful incredible tea!!


This morning I received two of these tea bags from a friend who's husband just returned from Paris. OH MY GOSH!!! I literally drink 4-6 12 ounce cups of tea a day and this tea is easily the best tea I have every had!! Smooth no bitterness then the amazing taste of what I think is lavendar sits at the back of your tongue and was wonderful!

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Mariage Frères Earl Grey Impérial Tea Bags

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