+ Global Franchise Partner
Join our global network, and indulge in upscale success with discerning customers daily.
The whole world is our precious market.
Every country is our valuable destination for DEAN & DELUCA. For expanding to new countries, we prioritize trust with local franchise partners over market size. Our franchise partnership knows no country boundaries. Let's do together.
— Check the list of countries where Deen & Deluca has expanded globally, Q2 2023
Exquisite support & care for partners in every aspect.
Entering new countries and collaborating with local partners is our priority. We offer comprehensive support, including market research, store setup, sales strategies, localization tactics, and developing unique menus for each country.
— Success cases of DEAN & DELUCA's global franchise partnerships (updates soon)
Our customers are understand daily luxury.
No matter where in the world, our customers are discerning individuals who appreciate the daily indulgence of small luxuries. They desire and willingly consume products of high quality, be it coffee or olive oil. DEAN & DELUCA is a brand that exists for these customers. Our upscale products and stores garner attention from around the globe
— Please check the DEAN & DELUCA brand kit (Update soon)