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Savannah Bee Wildflower Honey

As pure and raw as it gets, Savannah Bee Company's local Wildflower Honey is collected from white holly, gallberry, a little sawtooth palmetto, or maybe tulip poplar. The flavor depends on the remote Georgia wildflower blossoms and the whimsy of the bees. This Wildflower Honey is Tupelo's little sister, she is Georgia in a jar! KSA Kosher Certified

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  • 12.00 Ounces
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Our Savannah Bee Wildflower honey is local to coastal Georgia with a mild and subtle flavor that is dependent on the season, weather and the flowering plants of the area. Itis a perfect, all-purpose honey that is great for sweeteningbeverages, glazing over veggies on the grill, or making desserts. Ingredients: 100% pure honeybee honey, Gluten-Free, KSA certified

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